Work Shifts
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Work Shifts

The Work Shifts page lets you define your company work shifts. Work shifts affect how much an employee is paid by applying a pay differential when working in certain shifts. The following properties can be set for each shift:




The name of the shift, up to 80 characters.


An optional description for the shift, up to 255 characters.


An optional unique identifier for the shift, up to 80 characters.

Start Time

The start time for the shift, for example "8:00 AM".

Finish Time

The finish time for the shift, for example "5:00 PM".

Valid Days

The days of the week for which the shift is valid, such as Monday through Friday.

Shift Differential

The differential rate used to calculate a shift premium when working in the shift, for example "0.25". If the employee's base pay was $20/hour, the shift differential would result in a real pay rate of $25/hour.

Once you have created your shifts you will still need to activate them per employee policy from the System > Policies page. See the Wage Rules topic for more information.

Additional Configuration: Shift Over Time

If you need to track how much regular time, overtime and double time was spent in shifts, you will need to do some additional configuration. You will need to create 3 custom timesheet fields as follows (from the System > Templates > Custom Fields page):

Field Name


Shift Regular Time

Type = Number, decimal digits = 2

Shift Over Time

Type = Number, decimal digits = 2

Shift Double Time

Type = Number, decimal digits = 2

The name of the custom field must be exactly the same as shown above. However, once you have created the custom field, you can later rename it as desired without affecting the system. Once you have defined these fields then any regular time, over time or double time hours that fall in a shift will be placed into these fields.