Approval Levels
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Approval Levels

You can define multiple timesheet approval levels. Many organizations require additional approval levels to handle different work flows. For instance, you might have a manager approval, a billing approval and a payroll approval. Creating separate approval levels can facilitate any work flows that are triggered by the approval process.

Approvals are optional - you do not need to have any approval levels enabled if your organization does not require timesheet approvals. A maximum of four (4) approval levels are supported.

The following properties can be configured for each approval level:




Indicates whether the approval level is enabled.

Display Name

The name for the approval level, up to 40 characters. Names should be as short as possible, and not include the word "approval" or "approved" as that will often be redundant in places where approval information is displayed by the application. A blank name is allowed, but if you have more than one approval level enabled the names must be unique.

Applies To

You can specify which areas of the application the enabled approval level is applicable. For instance, you might want 2 levels for time approval, but only one level for project approval.

Enabled approval levels always apply to time (e.g. timesheet approval on the Approvals > Timesheet Approvals page), leave requests (approval from the Leave Requests page) and assets (approval of asset entries and sheets, from the Assets > Asset Entries page). You can optionally enable the level for projects if you intend on doing project approval (e.g. approval from the Approvals > Project Time Approvals page).