Employee Balances
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Employee Balances

Employee balances are banks of hours that employees can accrue and use on their timesheets, such as Vacation, Sick or Flex-time. Balances are associated with leave pay codes: for instance if you have a Vacation pay code you can optionally have a Vacation balance (see the Pay Codes topic has more information). Each balance can have its own set of rules for how hours are accrued and how situations such as when the employee's balance goes negative are handled. See the Balance and Accrual Rules help topic for more information.

You can update an employee's balance from the Employee Details page by clicking the Current Balances disclosure triangle, which shows the employee's balances as of the current date. Clicking on the current balance link will load the Balance History page. The Balance History page lists all changes made to the balance: the actual balance for any given date is simply the total of all the balance changes up to that date. If you have appropriate permissions you can modify the balance by adding, deducting or setting the balance for a given date.

Note: In order to change an employee's balance you must have the 'Can edit advanced properties' Employee permission. In addition, for security purposes, you can only delete balance changes that you made. Only administrators (those with the 'Can manage all' Employee permission) can delete balance changes made by others.

Making Bulk Changes To Employee Balances

If you need to update balances for a number of employees you can import the list of changes using an import file. When importing data a good way to start is to export the current employee balances via the Export Employee Balances option on the Employees tab - this will generate a file you can use as a  template. Once you modify this file (including removing unnecessary columns) to have your new data you can then import it back into the application. The Managing Employees topic has more information.