Advanced Settings
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Advanced Settings

Advanced settings allow you to control some less common aspects of time entry:



Time Entries Allowed

This option allows you to limit time entries on for this timesheet template to just work or leave. For instance, if you are only tracking leave or time off you would set this value to "Leave Only". If you never record leave then you would set this to "Work Only".

Time Entry Mode

This determines whether the employee enters hours on their timesheet (Standard), or use some other mode to track their time:


Standard time entry in which employees enter time in hours on their timesheet.

Percent Time Entry

Employees enter their time as a percentage of the total time they worked during the timesheet period. Both work and leave time can be recorded. Just like standard time entry, time can be allocated as percentages against different projects and tasks.

The system will convert percentages entered by the employee into actual hours, based on the employee's Scheduled Hours Per Week property in their employee profile (if not specified then 40 hours per week is assumed). The employee only sees percentages, but managers can review or report on both percentages and actual hours.

Note 1: Only weekly, bi-weekly and quad-weekly timesheet periods are supported. This is because entered percentages must be converted to hours by the system, which is done using the employee's scheduled hours per week property.

Note 2: Rounding is not supported with percent time entry - all percentages are manually entered and can be up to 2 decimal digits. Do not enable the Rounding Time Entry Rule as it may produce odd results.

Note 3: To enforce that 100% of time is accounted for on an employee's timesheet you should enable the following 2 Schedule Rules:

[x] Timesheet hours cannot be greater than scheduled hours

[x] Timesheet hours cannot be less than scheduled hours

See the Schedule Rules topic for more information.

Presence/Absence Time Entry

Rather then entering hours, employees toggle checkboxes on their timesheet indicating which days they worked. They can have multiple rows per day or week to track work done on different projects or tasks.

Attendance Entry

If this option is checked then the Attendance Widget will be shown at the top of the timesheet (week view only), as well as on the crew timesheet (by adding an In-Out column). This option is only useful if you are not capturing start and finish times on the timesheet itself. Attendance entry times will be rounded according to the employee's policy if rounding is enabled (see the Time Entry Rules topic for more information).

There are two attendance widget styles:

Single in/out/meal per day

Only one in and out time can be entered per day for each employee. You can specify whether a meal was taken by selecting the number of meal minutes from a menu, or by checking a checkbox if only one meal time is allowed.

Multiple in/outs (punches) per day

Multiple punches can be entered per day for each employee. Rather than selecting a meal from a menu or checkbox, the employee would punch out for a meal and punch back in when returning to work.

The following options can be set if the attendance entry widget is enabled:

Copy attendance hours down to timesheet

If checked then attendance hours will be carried down to the first row of the timesheet whenever attendance is changed.

Reject timesheet if different than timesheet hours

If checked then attendance hours must match timesheet hours before the timesheet can be submitted.